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From Bankrupt to Beaming: One Man’s Simple Success Story

The 1998 monetary crisis that hit Indonesia destroyed Faisal Solichin’s livelihood. Operating costs for his vacuum and air-cleaner importing business skyrocketed, forcing him to declare bankruptcy. After his son’s birth, Faisal couldn’t afford to pay the hospital bill.

His life hit a downward spiral as the value of Indonesia’s currency plummeted. But a turning point came when a former business partner introduced him to Kim Broemer, an Australian entrepreneur and business coach. Kim had plans to immediately open a direct sales distributorship in Indonesia.

Faisal wanted in but needed help regaining stability and achieving his dream of financial independence. He graciously opened the door to his rented home in Jakarta, which Kim came to stay in for an entire month.

“No money, no problem, no initiative, big problem,” Faisal recalled Kim telling him when he first arrived.

Financial Freedom for his family

Faisal never lacked initiative. His goal was simple — financial freedom for himself, his wife Elisa and their three children. And if Kim could offer a way to make $2,000 each month, he was prepared to work like a dog to do it. First, Kim showed Faisal how to set and achieve goals.

“Job, goal, technique,” was his message, Faisal said. “This is the job you have to do, this is the goal you have to achieve this month, and this is the technique, how to get it.”

Kim would constantly ask Faisal: “Who do you know? Who can we meet today?”

Faisal gradually expanded his circle of influence, a necessary ingredient for a successful direct sales business. His network grew from three people in 1998 to thousands today.

The ability to connect with people was an acquired skill for Faisal. He did much of his learning by translation.

Almost every night, in a small home office with a whiteboard, Kim demonstrated product presentations. Faisal would repeat his actions until he was confident enough to take these techniques into the real world.

Through this exercise, Faisal said he learned the principle of “use, wear and talk.” By demonstrating a product before their eyes, he could show potential customers how it would add value to their lives.

“Kim taught me what it takes to talk to people. By listening and watching Kim doing it, I now have the guts to try those things,” Faisal said.

The power of mentorship

The skills Faisal learned through this mentorship paid off. He earned $400 during his first three days in business, making a dent in the credit card debt he had accumulated. It was his first major boost of confidence — and things only got better from there.

Now, Faisal routinely earns more than 100 times that amount in income each month. Financial freedom has become a reality in the Solichin household, and the entire family has the confidence to chase their dreams.

Faisal has introduced his three sons to Kim’s book, “The Magic of Written Goals,” which helps people tailor their lives to fulfilling their own personal dreams. The book has given them a blueprint for success as they graduate from the university.

“He’s not only a mentor, he’s a friend to me, he’s an uncle to my children and my family,” Faisal said of Kim, whose picture adorns the wall of his current home in Bali.

Paying it forward

Faisal’s success has made him a star in his company and a mentor to others. He now travels to dozens of cities throughout Indonesia, giving future entrepreneurs the leadership skills and motivation they need to become successful in direct sales. Just as Kim did when he first came to Jakarta, Faisal encourages others not to lose sight of their dreams and goals. He also stresses the importance of mentors.

Faisal has not forgotten his “guardian angel,” as he calls Kim. Whether he is presenting to a small crowd in Jakarta or at a seminar in Paris with hundreds of attendees, he urges people to remember those who light the way to success.

“Sometimes people who are really successful forget their mentors,” Faisal said. “I always say that my mentor, my angel, is Kim Broemer. Because without Kim Broemer, I’d never be like this.”

Think you have initiative like Faisal? Kim and Mariani might be the mentors you’re looking for. Find out by completing the interest survey here.

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